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  • jimmy don holmes, metal art, fixer upper artist, magnolia market, jdh iron designs, metal art



    The pray script is 6″x3″.

  • Red Pegasus


    Step back in time through American and Texan history via Greek mythology. Red Pegasus, one of the most recognized corporate emblems in petroleum history, represents forward momentum and achievement, and serves as a reminder that anything is possible with enough imagination and ingenuity. Size 16″ x 12″

  • Republic of Texas Wall Badge


    The Republic of Texas existed as a sovereign nation from 1836 until 1845, when it became the 28th state of the United States of America. A declaration of pure Texan pride, Republic of Texas 1836 wall Badge showcases the original Lone Star, representing defiance, individualism and independence.

    Size 16” diameter.

  • Ruth 1:16


    This new design fits in our large frames.  The signs are a vertical sign that is 18″x24″.  Frames sold separately.